Andreas Randow
Intelligent System & Business Architecture

Hancock Software, Inc.

At Hancock Software we offer mobile data collection and cloud-based end-to-end energy efficiency program management solutions that maximize reductions in energy demand.

For over ten years, Hancock Software solutions have been used by state and local governments, housing authorities, utilities, energy services providers, and home performance contractors to collect field data, precisely analyze energy usage, manage retrofits, monitor the flow of money, and report on compliance.

Currently I am working on a new cloud-based platform called Hancock One that will revolutionize the way energy audits are performed.
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Current Role: Chief Technology Officer
May 2013 - present


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Previous Role: CTO
2013 - 2014

Current Role:
2014 - present

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PopSleuth, Inc. | Endorfyn

Endorfyn is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Let me put it this way: Not signing up for this service is nuts.

Have you ever wondered when actors you like have a new movie out on Netflix, a band you love has a new album available on Spotify, an author you admire has a new book on Amazon?

Well, now there is a solution for that. Endorfyn finds what's new from your favorite artists - music, movies, TV shows, videos, books - and lets you know when they become available to buy, rent, or stream in your Endorfyn feed.

Find books, eBooks, downloadable music, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Kindle books, movies to stream, and other stuff on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Fandango, NPR, Rdio, Spotify, SeatGeek, Vudu, and YouTube.

And by the way: It's completely free.

CommonCoach, Inc.

Demystifying the College Application.

Applying to College in 2016? We are looking for beta testers for a spectacular new software that helps you navigate the college application process.
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Current Role: Co-Founder & CTO
June 2014 - present


Everyone has ideas. They may be too busy or lack the confidence or technical ability to carry them out. But I want to carry them out. It is a matter of getting up and doing it.
James Dyson
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Current Role: Technology Advisor
January 2015 - present


East Horizon Investments, LLC

East Horizon Investments is an experienced investment advisory firm that specializes in tailored wealth management services for select ultra high-net worth clients, the next generation of executive leadership, and for foundations and endowments.

East Horizon was founded with an experienced high-level institutional and global background, and has a "family office" approach for each of our clients.
The firm provides client-centric financial analysis, asset allocation, "best ideas" manager selection in the equities and fixed income space, financial planning, philanthropic, and foundation services. This can also include more complex services related to one's wealth management needs.

Investors Collaborative

Investors Collaborative provides strategic equity capital to select early stage companies in the following sectors: IT (including data center, mobile, apps/software, analytics/Big Data), clean technology/energy, healthcare, business and financial services, consumer services and hardware, communications and enterprise software. The iC is a collection of experienced angel investors and entrepreneurs that bring value-added expertise, mentoring, and third-party affiliations to the equation;-truly “smart money” for our portfolio companies.

We seek start-ups with exceptional entrepreneurs that are developing innovative technologies and with whom we can partner to build world-class companies. We invest in companies that require capital and a trusted partner to enable them to reach the next level of development in order to help them fully realize their potential.

Our early stage investments typically range between $50,000 and $250,000 while we syndicate with other groups to raise $1.5 million or more. Participation in needed follow-on stage investments ranges from $500,000 to $2.5 million.

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Current Role: Member
June 2015 - present


The Non-Profits

Sustainable Schools International

Sustainable Schools International is an NGO designed to build and support sustainable schools in Cambodia.

SSI specifically works in Cambodian education in an attempt to repair the damage done by the Khmer Rouge, which destroyed most of the culture in Cambodia.

There are two concrete resources that can visibly make the school more sustainable. A former student of an SSI school established the Community Prosper Bank, which gives microloans to local businesses and students with all proceeds from interest going back to the schools.

This system allows the community around the bank to grow, as well as fueling the school. The other means is an agricultural program at the schools. Each school has a fishing pond and a vegetable garden. Water from the pond is used to water the plants, which then act as a filter, so the water can be put back into the pond, good as new.

In addition the physical and infrastructural support, there is also a program called the Leaders Academy, that trains students to return to their communities and give back in the form of community service. Those former students will hopefully inspire the next generation and sustain the school’s student population.
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Current Role: Board of Directors
April 2015 - present


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Current Role: Technology Advisor
June 2014 - present


Mina’s List

The purpose of Mina’s List is to realize women’s equal and substantive representation in national governments around the world. Despite comprising over 50 percent of the world’s population, women continue to be notably underrepresented in politics.

Through its online crowd sourcing and social media engagement platform, Mina’s List seeks to provide the necessary tools and resources to empower women’s political leadership globally.

Mina’s List provides economic and educational resources and an international social media forum for grassroots women’s organizations that support progressive women political candidates who seek to run for national government and who commit to advance the human rights of women and girls.

Well Done in the Past

StudioShare Online, LLC

Member organization that rents studio space and photo equipment among its members.
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Current Role: President & Founder
2010 - present


Currently there is no active development on this product and the focus of the company is changing.
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Previous Role: Co-Founder & CTO


Acquired by OnCell in fall 2013.

TourSphere, Inc.

TourSphere’s cloud-based app builder is a powerful and economical way to create a tour app for museums, cities, parks, and other cultural institutions.

TourSphere mobile apps allow you to harness the power of the technology that visitors already carry: their smartphones and mobile devices.